April/May 2016

Chile (2016) Overview page: Hiking and biking trips

Welcome to the blog about my travels in Chile. As many of you know, I lived in the city of Concepción for two months (April/May 2016), and tried to do a lot of hiking, biking and enjoying the Chilean nature. The activities I describe for you are located mostly in Región del Biobío, but also in Maule and around Santiago.

In the list below, you can find entries about my travel experiences. I recorded many of my trips with a GPS receiver, so you can download the .gpx files and have a closer look at where I hiked.

Date Blog entry Transport GPS track
2016-05-25 The Flight Back to Bremen airplane
2016-05-20 Last Weekend: In Santiago bus, foot
2016-05-15 Altos de Lircay: Enladrillado car, foot
2016-05-14 Altos de Lircay: Piedras Blancas car, foot
2016-05-13 97 Años Universidad de Concepción
2016-05-11 Snow and Hot Mud at Volcán Chillan car, foot
2016-05-08 A Bike Roundtrip in University Forest bike
2016-05-07 Hiking at the Coast near Coliumo foot
2016-04-29 Volcán Antuco bus, foot
2016-04-26 Campus of UdeC foot
2016-04-23 6-Hour Hike to Chiguayante foot
2016-04-20 Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago bus
2016-04-17 Bike Trip to Chome bike
2016-04-14 Work & Play foot
2016-04-13 Morning Walk foot
2016-04-10 Cerro Caracol foot
2016-04-09 Bike Trip to Laguna Chica bike
2016-04-07 Work Place
2016-04-06 My New Home
2016-04-04 Arrival in Chile airplane, car
2016-04-03 Departure airplane
2016-03-18 Bremen
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